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This week, we watched vertical short films, looked at Swatch watches inspired by bond, and bought clothes at the first Suitsupply store Sberbank and Mastercard presented the first vertical short films in Russia Nespresso opens up young cinema talents Pirelli releases new Cinturato P7 Swatch X 007: "No time to die>> Suitsupply opens the first women's store in Russia Routemark suitcase covers Trilogy Limassol Seafront: towers start to grow Laser beard design

Sberbank and Mastercard presented the first vertical short films in Russia

On March 10, the House of culture hosted a private screening of three films created specifically for the Sberbank and Mastercard project " Cinema ---

The idea of the organizers is to unite creators of short films and video bloggers who have developed a new language of communication with the audience. For the production of paintings was formed by pairs of filmmakers and bloggers. So, the YouTube star Yan Gordienko (Yan Go) teamed up with Maria Agranovich ("Love them all"), and one of the most successful Russian Directors Klim Shipenko ("Serf", "Text") created the film in collaboration with Alexander Glazunov ("Diaries" of the STS channel).

Made for " Cinema-pictures --- the first experience in Russia of understanding vertical cinema and the screenlife format, where the events of the film unfold on the screen of the gadget, and the gadget itself --- on the screen in the cinema hall. The vertical image format, which is more familiar to smartphone users, is also dictated by the stories told in films related to current problems of our time.

The plots for each film were determined based on more than a thousand detailed scenarios sent by the owners of Sberbank's youth Mastercard cards, who also had the opportunity to participate in the shooting process. All three films can be viewed on the Okko platform.Move.

Nespresso opens up young cinema talents

Nespresso launches a competition for short films in vertical format-Nespresso Talents 2020. For the fifth year, the brand is expanding the boundaries of traditional cinema, realizing that viewing video content using smartphones is becoming easier and more convenient.

The curator of the Russian stage of the competition and the Chairman of the jury was the actor, Director and producer Danila Kozlovsky. The jury for the Russian stage will also include GQ editor-in-chief Igor Garanin, writer and journalist Alyona Doletskaya, Nespresso business Director in Russia Irina Sitdikova, and Effie Awards Russia CEO Ekaterina Son.

In 2020, for each video presented at the Nespresso Talents 2020 competition, the brand will plant 10 trees. The deadline for submitting applications for participation in the competition is from February 18 to March 25, 2020. All videos become participants of both the Russian and international stages of the competition. The Cannes and Russian expert jury will select three winners each, who will receive not only a monetary reward, but also the opportunity to attend the Cannes film festival.

In honor of the 70th anniversary of the iconic Cinturato model, Pirelli tire specialists have created a smart Cinturato P7 tire that will have the ability to connect to 5G networks to take into account the road situation. The new product will also be available for e-bikes.

Thanks to an active research and development program, Pirelli engineers have created a high-tech product. New tires for premium cars have improved the overall impression of driving on wet surfaces and become more resistant to aquaplaning, while maintaining driving characteristics in dry weather. The braking distance at 100 km/h was reduced by 4 meters, and the overall tire life increased by 6%.

The P7 is available with Run Flat and Seal Inside technologies that allow motorists to continue driving even after a puncture, as well as in the select version for electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids.

Swatch X 007: "No time to die>>

After launching a capsule collection inspired by six iconic bond films, Swatch is introducing a limited-edition watch model created exclusively for the movie "No time to die".

The seventh watch of the 007 collection was designed for the Creator of all the gadgets of bond-agent Q. the Limited model Q was released in collaboration with the costume designer "No time to die" Suttirat Ann Larlarb. The transparent stainless steel dial from SKIN Irony shows off a sophisticated movement and is complemented by a leather strap with a "Scottish cage"print.

European brand Suitsupply launches a women's concept in Russia and opens the first store " only for women "on the territory of the cluster"Red October".

In its first store in Russia, in addition to a new collection of classic suits made from premium Italian fabrics, the brand will present a spring-summer collection consisting of various variations of shirts and shirts, dresses, lightweight coats and accessories.

Customers will be able to use the Custom Made service, with which it will not be difficult to design the perfect suit, jacket or trousers from a wide variety of fabrics and accessories. In the store, you can use the services of one of your own tailors and fit the suit to the figure: minor changes will take only 30 minutes, and with more complex tasks, Suitsupply women masters will cope within three days.

Packing Luggage at the airport is a relic of the past, and today no one is ready to wrap their expensive suitcases in shapeless cling film. But how to protect expensive Luggage from scratches? Routemark offers to solve the problem with the help of cases for suitcases. First, it is beautiful, second-safe, and third, just profitable. The cost of the cover is equal to a couple of packages in film, and it will last much longer. In addition, it is convenient to remove and put on, and the suitcase on the Luggage belt will be visible from afar and will not be lost in the gray mass. Do not forget about nature: using a film that harms the planet is not fashionable at all.

Trilogy Limassol Seafront is the largest multi-purpose high-rise complex in the Mediterranean region, which will soon appear in Cyprus in the heart of Limassol. It will consist of three towers and a Plaza located between them.

The construction of the complex is going according to plan. During eighteen months of construction work, the concrete foundations of the two front towers --- the West and East-were filled in, and they were already beginning to rise above the ground. In the North tower, piling has been completed. In addition, the construction of an underground Parking lot, as well as waterproofing and installation of piles for a private oasis, continues.

Sales and bookings of view apartments and offices in the West and East towers exceeded 150 million euros.


"Polyanka / 44" is a complex of elite mansions from the PSN Group that combines all the advantages of historical development and modern architecture.

The complex is located in the historical center of Moscow, in the greenest district of the CAO --- Yakimanka. This place has always been a center of attraction for Russian intellectuals and creative figures of different periods. Today, there is a first-class infrastructure: prestigious schools and kindergartens, premium shops and fitness clubs, the largest parks: "Muzeon" and Gorky Park.

Clinic " El.EN " offers a new type of procedure for men --- dynamic hair removal using the alexandrite laser Deka Moveo, which will be a great alternative to barbershop. The laser design of the Deka Moveo beard takes no more than 10 minutes, and thanks to the low-pulse power supply and the cooled sapphire tip, the procedure is pain-free and burns-free. The laser itself has more than 200 individual programs-depending on the type of hair, skin, sensitivity and lifestyle. The full course is 5-6 procedures. #этомое». #этомое»

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