Checked "behind the wheel": multifunctional hanger

Universal hanger not only does it allow you to hang your jacket and trousers behind the back of the front seat. The functionality of the device is expanded: for example, you can use six suction cups to attach the tablet to a hanger. When checking, the suction cups securely held devices with a screen up to 10 inches in diameter and weighing up to 600 grams.

In the lower part of the hanger, there are two strong hooks that freely hold a pair of bags with a total weight of about 10 kg.the original attachment of the hanger to the headrest is made. The hanger strip with grippers is bent in place and snagged on the pull-out bars of the headrest.

The only caveat: the temperature of the hanger during installation must be at least +10 degrees. Therefore, you can either remove the headrest and install the hanger on it in the heat, or take the hanger out of the house and install it in the car until it cools down.

And once installed, this multifunctional device will withstand even severe frosts.

  • Here's another one useful gadget : it is useful if the head unit of your car's multimedia system does not have a Bluetooth module. It will help you connect your smartphone to the standard audio system, even if there is no USB connector.

Photo: the manufacturer

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