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Over the past few weeks, coronavirus has sent dozens of Russian companies to be deleted. And although there was no official order to do so from the authorities, on March 18, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin urged Moscow business "if possible, transfer some employees to work from home". Many heads of large companies did this even before the mayor's requests --- Yandex announced the switch to remote mode last week, Group, Morgan Stanley, partly MTS, Raiffeisenbank, Gazprombank and Russian Post. VEB put elderly employees and parents of children with colds in the home office, Aeroflot urged them to take their accumulated vacations (many, according to the press service representative, listened to the offer), and Tinkoff Bank employees, along with the announcement of their removal, received a mailing list from Tinkoff group CEO Oliver Hughes with the following content (a copy is available to Forbes):

"Colleagues, of course, remember the" Tinkoff rules>>:

--- Always don't panic!

  • Turn on our head, as always!

"Think of each other!

--- We work so that our clients do not notice where we work-whether at home or in the office! 1. Danon

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