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Vladimir Yevtushenkov photo by Semyon Katz for Forbes

The main owner of Sistema in an interview with Forbes --- about the imminent launch of the company's own tests to diagnose coronavirus, the readiness for a pandemic of the Medsi network and the fate of the Forbes list participants

March 19" daughter "of Sistema AFC --- Sistema-biotech company>> --- announced about creating our own rapid tests for coronavirus: it will be possible to detect the disease COVID-19, the pandemic of which was announced by the who, with the help of the development, in two hours. Forbes discussed the prospects for rapid testing, the readiness of private medicine and the fate of Forbes list participants in the era of the pandemic with Vladimir Yevtushenkov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sistema, owner of the Medsi clinic chain, F 63.

How private medicine, in particular of the group, ready to fight against the coronavirus?

--- Whether we are ready or not, only the future will show. Because it's like training in combat. Skill is growing every day, but it is clearly not enough. So to say that we are fully prepared would be presumptuous.

Are there enough resources for private medicine in General and Medsi in particular ? Apparatus for artificial lung ventilation (ALV)?

--- This is all there, but [the number of resources] is not infinite. It all depends on the scale of the disaster. Especially since we did tests very quickly [to detect the coronavirus].

And you can just come from the street to Medsi and take a test?

--- Without ceremony. And not just "meds". There will be points [diagnostics] directly on the streets to stand.

Like in South Korea?

--- Yeah. Or the city will organize it, and we will deliver tests to the city. The main thing is that the tests will appear in the next week or two and testing will no longer be a problem.

And how do you think the Russian participants of the Forbes list will be treated, or if, God forbid, you get sick?

--- How do the list members differ from all other people?

The Moscow Times written that our well-to-do compatriots have started buying up ventilators for themselves...

--- This is idiotic. Because these devices can not be used without medical help: there will be a burn of the lungs and everything will end much faster than you would expect. To use a ventilator, you must first learn how to use it.

But interlocutors of the Moscow Times assured that they have personal doctors who "resuscitate" them if anything.

--- If there is a doctor and an apparatus, well and good...

Did you buy a device for yourself?

--- Why should I?" We have "meds".

In your opinion, how effective is the fight against coronavirus in Moscow and Russia in General, and what else do you think should be done besides what is being done?

--- It is difficult to say how effective it is. Because, as they say, "the war plan will show". All measures are being taken. It's like the saying: "if you put nine pregnant women together, the baby won't be born in a month." Everything that happens is stretched out in time.

There is simply talk that we should close Moscow so that there is no entry or exit, and let military patrols pass through the city...

--- We can not say that this will not have to be resorted to, because some countries have already done it. It may be necessary to do this in Moscow as well. It's just that the size of the disaster is not yet the same. But if the size of the disaster increases, this will be a normal response. Gabrielle Fonseca Johnson / Reuters 1 out of 10 Anushree Fadnavis / Reuters 1 out of 10 Andrew Kelly / Reuters 1 out of 10 Lim Huey / Reuters 1 out of 10 Sylvain Cherkaoui / Reuters 1 out of 10 David W Cerny / Reuters 1 out of 10 Vatican Media / Reuters 1 out of 10 Sergey Sevostyanov / TASS 1 out of 10

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