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The better internal combustion engines become, the more capricious and demanding they are to technical liquids. On the rights of advertising

A modern driver spends about 210 hours in traffic ^(1)^ every year. At the same time, it has to stop and start moving again somewhere 18,000 ^(2)^ once. The load on the motor parts in this mode of movement can be up to 66% ^(3)^ higher than when driving on a motorway. But three-quarters of the Russian population lives in cities today and, consequently, gets into traffic jams constantly.

An interesting solution to the problem of increased engine wear at idle in conditions of constant traffic jams offers a new engine oil Castrol MAGNATEC with DUALOCK technology. The new technology provides continuous protection of engine parts not only during warm-up, but also in urban mode with frequent stops.

(1) inrix Research company "Ranking of the world's cities by road congestion in 2018".

(2) global average based on information from 50 global cities, Castrol MAGNATEC STOP-START INDEX 2014.

(3) Based on a study by the University of Leeds.

Translated, it means "double lock". Recall that the previous generation of motor oils Castrol MAGNATEC it has protected engines for more than 20 years since launch thanks to Intelligent molecules technology. Unique molecules were attracted to the engine parts, forming a protective layer during the warm-up period, but starting from about 80°C, they left the surface, just at these temperatures, anti-wear additives were activated.

In the new Castrol MAGNATEC the innovative DUALOCK molecule has been introduced, which is firmly connected to Intelligent molecules and is attracted to the engine parts, remaining on the surface throughout the operating temperature range and thus forming a powerful protective layer that reduces wear by up to 50% ^(4)^ both when warming up and when driving in traffic.

The superior efficiency of the product. This is proved in the framework of wear tests in the warm-up mode according to API SN standards, Sequence IVA method, and in the stop-start mode according to ACEA standards, CEC OM646LA method, where products Castrol MAGNATEC with DUALOCK technology the engine parts wear values are shown at 50% ^(4)^ lower than industry standards require. The tests are designed to evaluate the anti-wear characteristics of the oil "on cold" and in the already heated internal combustion engine, simulating its systematic stops, as when operating in the city. Thanks to the new DUALOCK technology, constant protection is provided in all operating conditions, regardless of the driving style.

The main thing is that the oil meets the requirements of the automaker for SAE viscosity classes and specifications. The DUALOCK technology itself does not impose any restrictions related to the type of internal combustion engine and its systems. In addition, the line of new Castrol MAGNATEC Stop- S tart it has passed additional tests in hybrid engines and in cars with modern start-stop systems.

Of course, the final judgment on the merits Castrol MAGNATEC you can only learn from personal experience. Fill the engine with Castrol MAGNATEC oil and share your feelings!

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