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While BioWare is not in a hurry to admit that it is working on a new Mass Effect, the Studio Toadman Interactive is going to occupy an empty niche of gaming space epics with a parody RPG that mocks the adventures of captain Shepard. Meet Minimal Affect!

The main character, who looks like captain Shepard, will have to do routine work to save the galaxy. On a journey through the milky Way, he will go in a motley team, where there was a place for a man, a fly-man and an alien who looks like a human.

The program includes battles with aliens, meeting bright characters, pumping skills and completing side tasks. The visual style of the game is clearly inspired by the animated series "Rick and Morty>>.

Developers you can know from "soulslayk" Immortal: Unchained and the upcoming cooperative shooter about "ultra-cool vampires" EvilvEvil. They also publish a new game in the I. G. I. series . For the distribution of Minimal Affect authors did not take --- the publisher is the company Sold Out.

Minimal Affect will appear in North America and Europe in 2021. Platforms-PC and unnamed consoles. More details are promised to be revealed in the near future.

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