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Since 2013, Nintendohas been releasing one of the show's Direct releases every year in June, during the E3 trade show. However, this year seems to be an exception, and the reason for this is the coronavirus.

According to VentureBeat, Nintendois already telling developers that it does not intend to arrange a June Direct. Because of the pandemic, the company's employees are forced to work from home, and in Japan this is particularly difficult --- cloud storage and video conferencing tools are not very popular in the conservative country.

According to the journalist, Nintendo was still preparing the June event. The company was going to reveal the schedule of its releases until the end of 2020 --- in particular, mention would be given to the 35th anniversary of Mario , in honor of which , according to rumors, Nintendowill release a collection of classic games about Mario on Switch.

According to the author of VentureBeat, the new release of Direct can only arrive by the end of summer.

However, in June, you will not be bored in any case --- instead of the canceled E3 2020, we are waiting for several separate events, including:

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