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All sorts of gaming events arise like mushrooms after the rain. The organizer of the Game Awards (Geoff Keighley) is also preparing a new event --- Summer Game Fest.

According to him, Summer Game Fest is not a separate event, but an entire season that will cover the next four months. The festival includes news from publishers and platform holders, in-game events, as well as playable content --- and its partners will once again temporarily launch demos of upcoming new products, not only on Steam, but also on Xbox One.

In the first phase of Summer Game Fest we are waiting for news from the following teams:

  • 2K,
  • Activision,
  • Bandai Namco,
  • Bethesda,
  • Blizzard,
  • Bungie,
  • CD Projekt,
  • Digital Extremes,
  • Electronic Arts,
  • PlayStation,
  • Private Division,
  • Riot Games,
  • Square Enix,
  • Steam,
  • Warner Bros.,
  • Xbox.

The season will end on August 24, along with the opening ceremony of gamescom 2020 (also responsible for the ceremony ). The German exhibition will be held in digital format.

We remind you that other events are planned for the summer:

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