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Competition of highlights from Sports.ru.

Have you long dreamed of sharing beautiful moments from your games? Sports.ru holds a contest for the best highlights -- the most beautiful ones will be taken to the main page and distributed in social networks, we will raffle off Steam gift cards, and the winner of the contest will receive an Arcana or a valuable skin in CS: GO.

What should I do?

Recorded video. Upload it to YouTube. Then paste it into a blog post. Put the tag "Contest of highlights". Everything.

How do I create my own blog? How do I make a post? How do I insert a video and arrange the text? All answers are here

You don't have to describe the video in text, but it may draw the attention of other readers to your video. This is important!

We also accept old highlights -- but we can ask for confirmation that the highlight is really yours.

What are the prizes?

1st place. Arcana in DotA or similar priced skin in CS:GO (AWP Red line, AK-47 Jaguar, M4A1-S Speed beast) + Steam card for 1000 rubles.

2nd place. Steam card for 1000 rubles.

3rd place. Steam card for 500 rubles.

How are the winners determined?

Highlights are evaluated according to a system of three options: not very (2 points), normal (4 points) and super (6 points). You write your rating in the comments to the post of other participants.

For each comment you write with a rating, you get 3 points (of course, one video can only be rated once).

Editorial opinion-multiplayer of earned points. Not very-0.75, norm-1, super-1.25. The editorial Board will issue its ratings at the end of the contest -- it will last a month, until may 18.


• My video was rated by 10 people, with an average rating of "normal". Total-I have 40 points.

• I commented on the views of 10 more people -- and received an additional 30 points (70 in total).

* The editors thought that my VIDOS is cool: my points are multiplied by 1.25.

• I have a total of 87.5 points.

How will the others know about my video?

This is a link to the "highlight contest"tag - and there's already the first video here. The tag will be taken out with a link to the main page: this link will look like a normal post. Like this:

Click on the link to get to the tag feed, where all the participants ' videos will be displayed. We will constantly raise the link in the feed of posts. And especially beautiful videos will be put in the feed in separate posts.

If I don't participate, will my rating help the participant?

Yes, any user can evaluate the highlight, even if they didn't upload the video themselves.

Moreover, even if you haven't made any videos, comments will still bring you hidden points -- they are immediately activated if you record a highlight.

How do I record a video?

If you have Windows 10, it's easy. Just click Win + G during the game and the toolbar will appear. Click on the "start recording" button, or just hold down the Win + Alt + R combination. You can stop recording using the same combination. If the panel does not appear, check whether you have the option to record game clips via "start" -- "Options" -- "game Menu"enabled.

Another option is to use the built-in screen capture utility linked to your video card.

Detailed step-by-step guide for recording you can read it here .

If you have any questions, please contact us by email romanov@sports.ru.

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