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ESports Amateur online tournament Synergy ESPORTS League. Season 1 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2 and Fortnite will be held from may 18 to 25 on the FaceIt and Click-Storm platforms. This is the first tournament of this scale: more than 500 teams from Russia and CIS countries will take part in it. Registration for the tournament is open at the link: .

From may 18, the teams will come together in a hard fight, and on may 25, the Grand final of the online tournament will take place. The total prize Fund will be more than 23 million rubles, based on grants from synergy University for educational purposes.

"In conditions of self-isolation, eSports is one of the very few sports that can unite all those who would like to participate in various kinds of competitions, Mikhail Pimenov, Director of educational programs development at the faculty of Gaming industry and ESports at synergy University, said. --- Moreover, a survey conducted by The University's analytical center proved that interest in the eSports industry and eSports games has increased significantly in the past month. We hope that the main core of participants will be young people and girls under the age of 21, for whom the prize in the form of higher education in the field of eSports will become a dream come true --- an opportunity to turn their passion into a professional career."

The undisputed advantage of the tournament will be the option of selecting a team. In case one of the participants does not have a team, the organizers have provided an opportunity to team up with other players and find like-minded people right during the tournament.

Participation in the tournament is free of charge. The prize Fund was provided by synergy University and its partners: WARP, GFN.RU, "INDICATOR" and Black Caviar Games. The tournament is supported by PlayStation Russia.

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