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Captain Virtus.pro Alexey "Solo" Berezin in an Open letter to Sports.ru he told me about the state of the team.

"I think that now we are very close to the ideal state both in-game chemistry and in the construction of the game. We won the ESL LA. Is it cool? Yes, it was the biggest tournament online. Can anyone else boast of such results in the CIS besides us? No, it can't. Can we beat everyone in the CIS? Also no, we lost the last two series. The top 1 region is a useless label in the current reality. At this stage, I don't see the need to become the CIS top 1 and beat everyone every game. This should all happen closer to the LAN and DPC tournaments.

Patches come out, the game changes. We are testing different styles, a different approach to building the game. And we are not very successful at this stage. But it's not as important as the work in the future and that the team chemistry. And I think that we are very close to that ideal in terms of these two factors, the prospects of each player individually and the team as a whole.

I don't think what I really enjoy is the process of becoming a team. This is a very difficult process. You have to spend a lot of nerves on this. We fight a lot, make up, argue every day -- it can't be fun. You can't just sit there and smile like a fool.

You start to get pleasure when you see that here, earned! When you start winning, when the structure of the game appears, when everyone understands their tasks, and you need to focus less and less on some details, they happen by themselves. You understand that the car is going, and it is going confidently. Then I see where I was going. And I know the value of it, and so I enjoy it.

But I know that getting a foothold at the top level is much more difficult than just getting there. This is a huge effort. You can't just learn to play, build a game, look down on everyone and expect that you will succeed by yourself . They prepare for you better, adapt to you better, the game changes all the time. Therefore, you are more happy not with fleeting successes and individual victories, but when you have risen to the top and win regularly, showing a high level of play.

And with this composition, we will be able to experience it 100%, " Yana Medvedeva told Solo.

Solo's open letter. It's been there all season Virtus.pro

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