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Adrenaline Game Fuel has launched the Game Fuel Masters platform -- now you can get prizes for playing games a lot!

You need log in with your Steam account (the profile must be opened) -- you will see a number of different achievements and the hours spent in the game. These indicators form the user's experience on Game Fuel Masters. Players will also need to complete tasks and compete with friends, other users, and Game Fuel Masters bosses.

For completing tasks, the player will receive a special currency-Fuels. For Fuels, you can buy loot boxes, where you can find the following prizes: the Nintendo Switch console, the game monitor BenQ, a box of energy drink Adrenaline Game Fuel, payment for the top home Internet for a year, the game Gears Tactics or replenishment of the Steam wallet for 150 and 300 rubles.

The competition's bosses include blogger Stas Davydov and the editorial staff Sports.ru.

The organizers also launched a hashtag

Come in on Game Fuel Masters, complete tasks and fight for prizes ! 18+ #ЗаряженИгратьКрасиво.

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