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Out of thousands of press photographers from 62 countries participating in world war II, it was Soviet photographers who left the most poignant evidence of the war. But until now, many names of front-line photographers remain unknown.

For the victory anniversary Multimedia art Museum created an online exhibition , each viewer of which can help in establishing the author of the photo, add facts of the biography of the photographers.

On the portal "History of Russia in photos" from may 9 to June 24, MAMM shows a multimedia project "Our Victory-75" : videos based on war photos and newsreels of the war years, 25 photo exhibitions from the Museum archive, photo exhibitions based on photos from family archives sent by users to the site "History of Russia in photos". Every week on Thursdays, the project will be updated with new chapters. 1 of 15 collection of Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow. 4 of 15 collection of Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow. 8 of 15 Moscow Museum

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