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Sony asked the administration of the One Angry Gamer forum to remove the memes.

One of the photos showed an edited frame of The Last of Us 2 from the video with story spoilers for the game, which was leaked to the network in April. Sony's lawyers explained that they filed a claim because of this meme.

The forum administration does not agree with Sony's claim -- according to the site owners, the rights to the franchise belong to Konami, not Sony. Memes from One Angry Gamer were not deleted.

Earlier, due to complaints about content with merged spoilers, The Last of Us 2 blocked videos on YouTube by bloggers Mirta and Just Some Guy.

For the first time was Assassin's Creed: Rogue. In it the assassins have trouble with the head

The mad Chinese single-handedly made the game of the future. Its development began with theft

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