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You all already know when the Steam summer sale starts, but let me remind you once again. If you believe the Steam Database and screenshots scattered around the Network, you can spend all your money on games from 19: 55 Moscow time on June 25 to 20: 00 Moscow time on July 9.

In addition, from may 24 to may 28, there will be a campaign "Spring cleaning", in which you need to complete daily tasks. As a reward, you can get an improved icon for your profile.

Note that both the sale and the promotion will cover the same dates as last year. However, the information has not yet been officially confirmed, so the timing may still change.

If the wallet is already pressing the pocket, then Square Enix's offer will help ease it a little --- for 904 rubles (95% discount), the company offers to buy a set of 54 games in the Valve store. These include almost the entire Tomb Raider series , all Deus Ex games, and the first three parts of Just Cause .

CONFIRMED! The 2020 Summer Sale runs from 25th June @ 9:55 A.M. Pacific to 9th July @ 10:00 A.M. Pacific. Hold your money boys! --- Avi Thour () May 8, 2020
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