Doom Eternal will get a major update

Company Bethesda has announced the release of a massive upgrade for Doom Eternal. Developers will optimize many aspects of the game, fix bugs, and improve what many players said needed to be improved even at the release of the project. The creators also plan to add new game events.

The authors will fix many problems in the single-player campaign. For example, programmers will change the level of damage received while swimming in toxic slime. In addition, the solo campaign will add special demons that, after killing the Executioner of Doom in the passage of one player, will become even stronger and get into the story of another user. If the gamer who meets him can win, he will receive an increased amount of health and weapons, as well as additional experience in the game event.

The authors also promised to improve BATTLEMODE by adding a system of protection against cheaters Denuvo Anticheat, a more detailed training mode, indicators of poor network connection and echelons for players who have reached the maximum level. After death, users will also be able to see the details of the battle and analyze it.

For more information, visit the Bethesda website.

Doom Eternal was released on March 20, 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Later, the game will get to the Nintendo Switch.

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