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The Players Of"Spartak>> they play in the Lukoil Cyber Cup for FIFA 20.

Composition of participants

Group A: GeorgeJikiya, Samuel Gigot, Gus Teal, Nail Umyarov.
Group B: Alex Kral, Jordan Larsson, Alexander Selikhov, Alexander Sobolev.

Match schedule

May 13

14: 00 George Dzhikiya-Nail Umyarov
14: 30 George Jikia -- Samuel Gigot
15: 00 Alex Kral -- Alexander Sobolev
15: 30 Alexander Sobolev -- Alexander Selikhov
18: 30 Alexander Sobolev -- Jordan Larsson
19: 00 Gus Til -- Samuel Gigot
19: 30 Gus Til -- George Jikia

The stream will be held on Spartak's YouTube channel. The broadcast will appear in the news after it starts.

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