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Vice-President at ESL , Ulrich Schulze assessed the impact of the pirated streams on the tournament organizers.

"We respect Valve's position and understand the company's intentions regarding the community. But here are the difficulties associated with this:

1.it is no Longer possible to guarantee partners who stream in a particular language or platform that they will be the only ones who will broadcast the tournament (in that language). This alone can reduce revenue, because it is usually one of the key factors when selling media.

  1. Your tournament appears somewhere else, without the logos of sponsors and other things, sold to the partners. Even if there are a lot of people on the streamer, this will not help the tournament in any way due to the lack of logos. This is a non-zero loss.

  2. The distinction between commercial and non-commercial use is quite blurred. There are paid / full-time streamers that constantly cover all major tournaments. Even if they don't use logos or display ads, they still support their business.

  3. I saw how the finals of our tournaments were streamed in Russian, and streamers promoted a dubious site with bets in the names of broadcasts. This is a business risk, because not everyone knows that the stream is not associated with the organizers. But usually it all ends too quickly in order to be able to do something.

Now, of course, we understand that broadcasting on a not very reliable platform or platform with a small set of features can become an occasion to watch the tournament on Twitch, for example. But if the main broadcast in any language is conducted on Twitch, this argument becomes less convincing.

I do not agree with the fact that all this accounts for up to 40% of the loss of revenue. But if you are a streamer broadcasting tournaments from DotaTV, you should know that you are doing this at the expense of the tournament organizer. It is not true to say that this has zero or minimal impact, " Schulze wrote.

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