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Commentator and analyst Eugene "Sh4dowehhh" Alekseev responded to the criticism in his address.

"I will now read every day how bad am I?)

I went to Kiev at a dangerous time, did a week of commentary + analysis, everything in a row on WeSave Charity.

Plus, he called for charity when he could sit at home like a beast and stream 24/7. To someone, but it's clearly not up to me to try to get to the bottom of this.

It is extremely funny to read attacks on the streamer from people who are ready to help the studios if asked.

I have never heard any offers, absolutely nothing. All one-sided aggression in my direction. One-sided because I don't feel anything bad about Maincast," Sh4dowehhh tweeted.

On may 15, V1lat revealed that during the broadcast of The gamers without Borders charity tournament, Sh4dowehhh had a "banner advertising a bookmaker". Earlier, Vilat compared Alekseyev's streams to stealing sausage.

Sylar gave The SCCC an arc on TB with a unique color for 100 thousand rubles. These are only available in China

Virtus.pro and NAVI exchanged thrones-taraska on the Sniper did not help

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