In Hunt: Showdown, cross-play appeared on consoles

Hunt: Showdown on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 got update 1.3. Among its key features --- cross-play between consoles, which makes it easier to find partners in matchmaking.

According to Crytek, at the moment, cross-play is slightly limited: if you want to invite a friend to a group, they must play on the same platform as you. But if you are looking for random companions, then you can throw someone from another console-such counter is indicated by the icon of the gamepad.

Among other features of update 1.3:

• new opponents-the Possessed doctor and the spiky Armored,

• new time of day-sunset,

• new equipment --- two types of weapons, a device and a skill,

* improvements to the death screen and lobby --- you can take a closer look at your partner and study the equipment of the enemy who killed you,

• new legendary content, including the hunter and the gun,

• various technical improvements, corrections and edits to the balance.

In Hunt: Showdownfor PC, update 1.3 started in mid-April, but there is no cross-play between consoles and computers yet.

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