Ubisoft has released a free Trackmania

Trackmania - the famous series of racing games from Ubisoft Nadeo-returns with a new carefully crafted remake of the legendary Trackmania Nations. The game is free and will be available in Uplay and the Epic Games Store in the coming hours. But they have prepared a "club access" season pass for her, which gives her advanced features. For free, players will be able to participate in all available races, both in single and multiplayer modes, as well as try their hand at the Championships. Buyers of a standard pass (419 rubles a year) will also be able to create their own races and organize tournaments. Buyers of the club edition will have the most opportunities. Within a year or three years, they will also be able to create their own clubs and join others, as well as enjoy extensive customization opportunities . For this, you will have to pay 1,249 rubles a year or 2,499 for three years. At the time of release, the game has 25 tracks. Every three months, they plan to launch a new season, in each of which there will be new tests, including those created by other players. In addition, even with a single pass, participants will not feel alone, because the ghosts of other players will" compete " with them. #interesting #HD #games #Trackmania

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