Destruction AllStars release date

What can we expect from this game and is it worth our attention at all?

Destruction Allstars is a racing exclusive action game from Lucid Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 5.the Main goal of this game is to stay alive in the big arena. That is, we will need to drive a car and destroy all the cars of the opponents. Everything is so well thought out that even if your transport is broken, you can safely move on your own two feet and spoil the life of your enemies. This game can be compared to "Flatout" or "metal Screeching", where we also had to destroy everything around and destroy the opponents ' cars. Despite the fact that everything has become much better, starting from the graphics, ending with a variety of maps.



Briefly about the main thing, " Arrange destroy, order-it sucks." And so, it is worth paying attention to this game. And keep in mind that you will need not only to destroy, but also to think with your head, look for weak points of the opponent and choose the time for the next attack.

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Destruction AllStars