The Sims 4: Fancy threads

The network has a trailer for a new catalog for the game the Sims 4 "Dressy threads", the catalog itself was developed directly with the Sims community, by means of surveys and votes. Over the course of eight months, players chose the theme of the catalog, wardrobe items, interior design, and the name of the catalog.

With this catalog, a basket with yarn was added to the game, an online store was Sold, but the main star of the catalog is a rocking chair with which almost all family members can interact. With this catalog, a new functionality has been added with blocked items of clothing, which your character can link independently or order via the Internet.

Or you can cheat and enter a code that immediately unlocks all things: cas. unlockbytag SP17** image News gameplay is based on the skill of knitting and earning money on it. At the last, tenth level of the skill, you can link a special forbidden sweater that will make everything itch and a unique knitted decoration Yarni, this is a reference to the main character of another game from EA Games Unravel. Unravel is a very beautiful puzzle platformer with a knitted main character. The release of the catalog for the Sims 4 "Elegant threads" was released on July 28, 2020 simultaneously on all platforms.

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