Tesla started selling Chinese electric cars

Tesla began to supply customers with electric vehicles from its Chinese plant, known as the "Girafarig 3". The company handed over the first batch of 15 "model 3" (https://ru.motor1.com/news/388763/tesla-dobavit-dinamiki-model-3-no-ne-besplatno/)sedans to customers from among its own employees, with two of them getting engaged right at the event. The pictures were distributed by the manufacturer in the local social network Weibo. Full-scale deliveries of the Tesla Model 3 with made in China nameplates should now begin. According to "the" (https://ww.electrek.co/2019/12/30/tesla-starts-made-in-china-model-3-deliveries/)thematic resource Electrek.co, at present, the account of the already collected electrosedans is in the hundreds. Earlier, the head of "Tesla" Elon Musk said that to pass the car to customers before the end of the year is one of the company's priorities. You may also be interested in: ""ne bag a ficha konkurenty tesla cybertruck i ikh unikalnye fishki" (https://cdn.motor1.com/custom/share/placeholder_0.jpg) Not a bug, but a feature: Tesla's competitors Cybertruck and their unique chips" (https://ru.motor1.com/reviews/389952/ne-bag-a-ficha-konkurenty-tesla-cybertruck-i-ikh-unikalnye-fishki/)""tesla vstroila v svoi elektromobili muzykalnuyu studiyu" (https://cdn.motor1.com/custom/share/placeholder_1.jpg)Tesla built a music Studio into its electric cars" (https://ru.motor1.com/news/389657/tesla-vstroila-v-svoi-elektromobili-muzykalnuyu-studiyu/)Earlier this fall, Musk said that the next, fourth "Gigafabrika" will be built in Berlin, in the vicinity of the new airport. For the manufacturer, this will be the first full-fledged European plant-except for the Assembly plant in the Netherlands. On the "Gigabit 4" will be releasing a new crossover "Model Y" (https://ru.motor1.com/news/389947/sportivnuyu-tesla-model-y-snyali-na-video/) , as well as the power plant and battery. The main car production Tesla still remains a California plant. At [Gigafabrik 1] (https://ru.motor1.com/news/344328/tesla-i-panasonic-mogut-zamorozit-razvitie-gigafabriki/) in Nevada, the company makes batteries as well as power plants for the Model 3, while new York's "Gigafabrika 2" is busy with solar panels. #land_vehicle #car #vehicle #automotive_design #auto_show #mid-size_car #compact_car #ford_motor_company #building #subcompact_car

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