Edinburgh brothers set rowing world records in the Atlantic - BBC News

Image copyright Atlantic Campaigns Three brothers from Scotland have set three world records after rowing the Atlantic Ocean in just 35 days. Jamie, Ewan and Lachlan MacLean are the first three brothers to row any ocean, and the youngest trio and the fastest trio to ever row the Atlantic. They set off from La Gomera, in the Canary Islands on 12 December and have now completed the 3,000-mile trip to Antigua. Previously, the fastest a trio had ever rowed the Atlantic Ocean was 41 days. The MacLean brothers, known as Broar, overcame seasickness, battery issues, storms, dehydration and exhaustion to reach Antigua in record time. Originally from Edinburgh, the brothers finished third overall (first among trios) in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, beating many teams of four and five. They had to row the last 20 days without any music, podcasts or audiobooks, as their iPhone cables succumbed to damage caused by a combination of sun and seawater. However, being musicians, they kept themselves entertained with a bagpipe, harmonica and ukelele on board. Jamie and Lachlan, students at the Glasgow University and Glasgow School of Art respectively, convinced their brother Ewan, a design engineer for Dyson in Bristol, to take a sabbatical from work to make this world record attempt. The 27-year-old said: "They had to twist my arm but I will be forever grateful to my brothers for convincing me to do this. "This was, without doubt, the defining experience of my life. It was incredibly difficult but the way we came together, the way our bodies and minds coped with every single challenge, will stay with me for a long time. "It definitely tested our relationship, but it was remarkable how we were able to lift each other up as we struggled. It's brought us closer together, although I am looking forward to getting to see and talk to some different people." The MacLean brothers developed a love for the outdoors during summers spent in Nedd in Sutherland. Once they come home to Scotland, they plan to head back to Nedd to plan their next adventure. They completed the challenge in 35 days nine hours and nine minutes. They are hoping to raise £250,000 for Feedback Madagascar and Children First. #barechested #muscle #performance #fun #event #fire #performance_art

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