Orthodox Christians brave an icy dip to mark Epiphany - BBC News

Worshippers across Russia and Eastern Europe have been braving icy waters for Epiphany, one of the most important holidays in the Orthodox Christian calendar. Celebrated on 19 January, Epiphany commemorates the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan. Image copyright Reuters To mark the event many Orthodox Christians submerge themselves in holes of icy water. They may dip themselves three times in the water to honour the Holy Trinity. Image copyright AFP It is believed the tradition brings good health to worshippers and washes them of their sins. Above, an Orthodox priest blesses water in Svyatoye, in the outskirts of Russia's capital, Moscow. Worshippers believe all water becomes holy on Epiphany. Some also think that freezing water can have beneficial health effects. Image copyright Reuters Image copyright AFP Serbian Orthodox worshippers jump into the cold water of the Sava river in Belgrade. Image copyright Reuters In this picture, a woman takes a dip in the Russian city of Omsk, where temperatures have dropped below -10C (14F). Image copyright Reuters These prison guards watched as an inmate submerged himself at a high-security penal colony in Omsk. Image copyright AFP Worshippers pose for a photo after swimming in Belgrade's Sava River. All photographs subject to copyright. #barechested #male #water #human #muscle #chest #mud #flesh

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